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Progress Energy Leaves Coal Lobby Group

In November of 2009, North Carolina utility provider Progress Energy quietly decided not to renew its membership in the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE.) Though it was once one of ACCCE’s biggest contributors, paying $1 million in 2008, Progress officials decided that the group no longer fits into the utility’s agenda.

ACCCE has seen similar departures from energy giants Duke Energy and Alstrom. The coalition was no stranger to controversy in 2009. A paid contractor for the group was found to have forged 13 letters to members of Congress lobbying against a coal cap-and-trade bill. Shortly after, one of the group’s Vice Presidents allegedly lied under oath about ACCCE’s past position on the bill. Read more about this controversy.

Progress officials continue to move towards energy generated by natural gas instead of coal. They recently announced the closure of 11 coal-fired plants in 2010.





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