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Mountain Monday: Mountaintop Removal Under National Scrutiny

Mountaintop removal mining has DEFINITELY been in the public eye this past week. If you haven’t heard the news, check fellow blogger Ken Ward Jr.’s wrap-up of media coverage of the EPA decision to further review three mountaintop removal mining permits, Appalachian Voices’ Director of Programs Matthew Wasson’s analysis of the “blow-back” from mining interests, and our coverage of the introduction of a new Senate bill to end mountaintop removal.

Not only were papers across the region following these stories, editorials were popping up like daisies… overwhelming calling for an end to mountaintop removal. Want to check them out? You can… with the Editorial Run-down!!

New York Times “Appalachia’s Agony” March 16, 2009
Roanoke Times “Mountaintop Removal Gets More Scrutiny” March 29,2009
Chattanooga Free Press “Mountaintop Removal Brake” March 29, 2009
Virginian-Pilot “End the Scourge of Mountaintop Mining” March 30, 2009
Asheville Citizen Times “Time to Write the Obituary for this Mining Practice” March 27, 2009

U.S. Representative Dale KildeeBetter Know a CWPA Sponsor: Dale Kildee (D-MI-05) has represented Michigan on the state or federal level since 1964 and has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1974. Hailing from the industrial town of Flint, Michigan, Congressman Kildee is intimately acquainted with the boom and bust economics of single industry regions. We thank him for his support of the people and resources of Appalachia!

U.S. Representative Vern EhlersBetter Know a CWPA Target: Vern Ehlers (R-MI-03) is currently serving his eighth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He sits on the Transportation & Infrastructure committee, the committee to which our bill has been assigned, so his support is crucial in getting the bill heard and passed through committee so it can be passed on the House floor! Ehlers has a strong history of supporting water quality in the Great Lakes, which border his state, and recognizes water as a valuable natural resource that needs to be protected! Ehlers also advocates for alternative energy and increased energy efficiency… he owns and drives a hybrid! We hope that Ehlers can see the connections between these interests and the needs of the region of Appalachia to protect our natural resources, water, and our need to create a sustainable energy future all across the nation, because right now Appalachia is paying an extraordinarily high price for America’s energy.





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