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The Clean Water Protection Act and the 111th Congress

February 26th, 2009 – The following email was sent to the 34,000+ supporters of To sign up to receive free email alerts, click here.

Dear Supporters,

Last Friday, the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, VA overturned a 2007 decision stating that the Army Corps of Engineers had improperly issued permits for mountaintop removal coal mining operations.

This setback for our cause is a reminder of how important it is that the new Congress passes the Clean Water Protection Act (CWPA).

The Clean Water Protection Act would sharply reduce mountaintop removal coal mining, protect clean drinking water for many of our nation’s cities — and protect the quality of life for Appalachian coalfield residents who face frequent catastrophic flooding and pollution or loss of drinking water as a result of mountaintop removal.

The good news is that Representatives Frank Pallone and Dave Reichert are preparing to introduce the Clean Water Protection Act in Congress in the coming days.

Already, 91 of their fellow members of Congress have agreed to co-sponsor the CWPA when it is introduced.

Is your representative one of those co-sponsors? Click here to find out:

If your representative isn’t on the list, please take a moment to email them and ask them to support the CWPA and to take a stand against mountaintop removal coal mining:

You can also help move the CWPA through Congress by joining us for the 4th Annual End Mountaintop Removal Week in Washington, taking place the March 14th-19th.

By joining us in Washington, you’ll get to meet and work with other passionate Appalachian activists from around the country; develop and hone your outreach skills in our outreach workshops; and meet face to face with legislators to help inspire and educate them to pass legislation to end mountaintop removal coal mining in 2009.

To learn more and register for the Week in Washington, click here:

Thank you for everything you do.

Matt Wasson

PS Your contribution to iLoveMountains can help us keep the pressure on to end mountaintop removal coal mining. Click here to make a tax-deductible contribution.





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