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Mountain Monday: Kilowatt Ours is Coming to Town

Good morning mountaineers,

Kilowatt Ours is simply the best documentary out there outlining how America can get ourselves off of fossil fuels and power this country with clean, green, renewable energy. With a focus on success stories like the Austin, TX conservation power plant, Barrie gives us easy to digest answers using technology and techniques that are already available.

This morning we wanted to share some really exciting news from Jeff Barrie and our friends at Kilowatt Ours!


KILOWATT OURS: A PLAN TO RE-ENERGIZE AMERICA is an award-winning film that provides simple, practical, affordable solutions to America’s energy crisis and shows how we can save electricity, save money and make a difference for ourselves and the planet. Visit for a short sneak preview.

The film is scheduled for broadcast on public television stations in more than 50 cities across the United States this October, “National Energy Awareness Month.” See below for details. More stations are added weekly so visit or check local listings to see if your station is planning to show the film.

If a broadcast is scheduled in your city, the Kilowatt Ours organization has several opportunities for you to help get the word out about this important documentary:

* Email this announcement to your community contacts and/or post it in your organizations’ newsletter and website. Kilowatt Ours has materials to support the following efforts at
* Host a viewing in a home or community setting. Please contact
* Consider a donation or sponsorship to support this effort and bring this film to a wider audience. Donations of $25 or more entitle you to a DVD and bulk rates are available.

If the film is not currently scheduled in your community, you may wish to contact the viewer services department at your local public television station to find out if they are planning to show this hopeful film that inspires energy conservation and change for most people who see it.

Kilowatt Ours’ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Sponsors include: Turner Foundation, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, The Sierra Club Foundation, Johnson Controls, Mother Earth News, Utne Reader, Stonyfield Farm, and Renewable Choice Energy. For more information, visit

Kilowatt Ours Broadcast Schedule as of 10/7/2008

Los Angeles, CA, KLCS & KLCS-DT, 10/6 at 10pm
Sacramento, CA, KVIE & KVIE-HD, 10/8 at 2pm
San Diego, CA, KPBS & KPBS-DT, 10/5 at 4pm
San Francisco, CA, KQED World (Comcast 190), 10/3 at 8am, 10/3 at 11am
San Jose, CA, KTEH, 11/18 at 12am

Washington, DC, WHUT, 10/1 at 9pm

Miami, FL, WPBT-DT2, 10/11 at 8pm, 10/13 at 1:30am
Miami, FL, WLRN & WLRN-DT, 10/9 at 9pm, 10/10 at 2:30am
West Palm Beach, FL, WXEL – 11/15 at 8pm, 11/15 at 8pm

Indianapolis, IN, WFYI & WFYI-DT2, 10/11 at 4pm, 10/18 at 4pm

Bowling Green, KY, WKGB-DT, 10/5 at 12pm Central, 10/9 at 6am & 4pm, 10/10 at 3am and 7pm, 10/11 at 12am & 2pm
Lexington, KY, KETKY STATEWIDE & WKSO HD, 10/5 at 1pm, 10/9 at 6am & 4pm, 10/10 at 3am and 7pm, 10/11 at 12am & 2pm
Louisville, KY, WKZT-HD, 10/5 at 1pm, 10/9 at 6am & 4pm, 10/10 at 3am and 7pm, 10/11 at 12am & 2pm
Paducah, KY, WKMUHD & WKPDHD, 10/5 at 1pm Eastern, 10/9 at 6am & 4pm, 10/10 at 3am and 7pm, 10/11 at 12am & 2pm

New Orleans, LA, WLAE, 10/20 at 8pm

Baltimore, MD, WHUT, 10/1 at 9pm

Alpena, MI, WCML, 10/12 AT 3pm
East Lansing, MI, WKAR World Cable 904, 10/9 at 8pm
East Landing MI, WKAR, 10/27 at 11pm
Flint/Saginaw/Bay City, MI, WCMU, 10/12 at 3pm
Grand Rapids, MI, WGVU, 10/19 at 5pm, 10/16 at 4 am
Traverse City, Cadillac, MI, WCMV & WCMW, 10/12 at 3pm

Cape Girardeau, MO, WKMU-HD & WKPD-HD, 10/5 at 1pm, 10/9 at 6am & 4pm, 10/10 at 3am and 7pm, 10/11 at 12am & 2pm
Columbia/Jefferson City, MO, KMOS, 10/12 at 11PM
Joplin-Pittsburg, MO, KOZJ & KOZJDT1, 10/19 at 10:00 pm
Springfield, MO, KOZK & KOZKDT1, 10/19 at 10:00 pm

Asheville, NC, UNC-NC, 10/12 at 7pm, 10/12 at 10pm, 10/13 at 2am, 10/13 at 5am
Charlotte, NC, WNSC-DT2, 9/23 at 2pm
Charlotte, NC, WUNEDT5, 10/12 at 7pm, 10/12 at 10pm, 10/13 at 2am, 10/13 at 5am
Greensboro/High Point/Winston Salem, NC, UNC-TV, 10/23 at 10pm
Raleigh/Durham, NC, UNC-TV STATEWIDE, 10/23 at 10pm
Raleigh/Durham, NC, UNC-NC & WUNC-NC STATEWIDE, 10/12 at 7pm, 10/12 at 10pm, 10/13 at 2am, 10/13 at 5am
Wilmington, NC, WUJNJ-DT5, 10/12 at 7pm, 10/12 at 10pm, 10/13 at 2am, 10/13 at 5am

Las Vegas, NV, PBS Jackpot Cable111, 10/25 at 4:01 AM, 10/25 at 9am, 10/25 at 2:01 pm,
Las Vegas, NV, KLVX & KLVX-DT, 10/5 at 6:30pm
Las Vegas, NV, PBS Rewind Cable 110, 10/8 at 4pm
Syracuse, NY, WCNY & WCYN-DT & WCYN-OFF, 10/12 at 3pm

Cincinnati, OH, WCVN-DT4, 10/5 at 1pm, 10/9 at 6am & 4pm, 10/10 at 3am and 7pm, 10/11 at 12am & 2pm
Cleveland, OH, WVIZ, 10/16 at 4am, 10/27 at 1am
Lima, OH, WBGU & WBGU-DT1, 10/5 at 1pm

Oklahoma City, OK, KETA, KETA-DT & KWET, 10/7 at 10pm
Tulsa, OK, KRSC & KRSC-DT, 9/28 at 4pm
Tulsa, OK, KOED & KOED-DT1 & KOED- HD & KOET, 10/7 at 10pm

Philadelphia, PA, WHYY-DT3 Wider Horizons, 10/6 at 1pm, 10/8 at 10am, 10/10 at 1pm, 10/15 at 1pm
Erie, PA, WQLN & WQLNHD, 10/16 at 1:00AM

Charleston, SC, WITV-DT, 9/23 at 2pm
Columbia, SC STATEWIDE, SCETV, 9/23 at 2pm
Columbia, SC, WRLK-D2, 9/23 at 2pm
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC, WNEH-DT2 & WNTV-DT2, 9/23 at 2pm
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC, WUNFDT4 & WUNDC, 10/12 at 7pm, 10/12 at 10pm, 10/13 at 2am, 10/13 at 5am

Knoxville, TN, WETP, WETP-DT2 & WKOP, WKOP-DT2, 10/9 at 10pm, 10/12 at 2pm
Memphis, TN, WKNO, 10/22 at 8pm
Nashville, TN, WNPT, 10/24 at 7pm

Vermont Public Television STATEWIDE, VPT, 10/28 at 9pm

Seattle, WA, KCTS, 11/14 at 12pm noon, 11/18 at 11pm

Milwaukee, WI, WMVS, 10/15 at 10pm

Bluefield, Beckley, Oak Hill, WV, WSWPDT2 & WVPBS2, 9/30 at 8pm
Charleston/Huntington, WV, WPBY-DT2, 9/30 at 8pm
Clarksburg, Weston, WV, WNPB-DT2, 9/30 at 8pm

Note: times and dates subject to change. Please check your local listing to confirm broadcast information.

Thank you!
The Kilowatt Ours Team

Two ways you can help:
1) Watch it on TV (invite some friends over). If it is not airing in your community, contact your local PBS station viewer services department and ask if they plan to schedule a broadcast.

2) Make a small donation to Kilowatt Ours to support our continued efforts to make this national release a smash hit!

In other news, CNN featured a great story on Coal River Mountain Wind last week, where local citizens are fighting to have job-creating wind power on Coal River Mountain instead of a destructive and economically devastating mountaintop removal site. iLm friend Jeff Biggers has a must-read commentary on the dire situation at Coal River Mountain.

And it looks like the Bush Administration may be trying to take away one of Appalachia’s last legal protections from mining companies – the Stream Buffer Zone Rule – as they leave the White House. Please, please, take a second to send a public comment to the EPA opposing the Administration’s rule change, asking them to enforce the stream buffer zone rule, not undermine it. Both Senator McCain and Senator Obama have stated that they oppose mountaintop removal, and we expect that either one of them will abolish this horrendous practice, which has devastated so much of Appalachia, when one of them takes office. Help us protect ourselves from the Bush Administration’s last attempt to serve our land and people to big coal on a silver platter by submitting a comment to the EPA asking them to enforce the law, not undermine it.

I hope you had a great weekend, and have a fantastic Monday.

That’s all for this week.





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