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Follow the Coal Money to Your Congress-Critter

We all know that coal poisons our planet, removes our mountains, and pollutes our precious water sources. A connection that we often miss, is how big coal and fossil fuel industries have a significant hand in dirtying up American politics.

Appalachian Voices and Oil Change International are proud to release a new interactive tool providing the first comprehensive look at the cash mined by Members of Congress from America’s coal industry. Check out how much coal money is going to your member of congress at

By searching for your Congressman, you can see a “relationship map.” Unlike a physical map, where points are positioned at a geographic location, the icons for the companies and legislators are placed so that they are that they are as close as possible to whomever they contribute to or receive contributions from.

Appalachian Voices Director Mary Anne Hitt says:

When it comes time to cash checks, coal is still king. If the American people want real action on energy, they need to know whether their Member of Congress is working for them or their coal cash contributors. We have better ways of producing energy than blowing the tops off mountains and destroying the climate and communities





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