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ALERT: Request public hearing on Mercury and other pollutants from the proposed Cliffside coal plant

If you are concerned about global warming, air and water pollution, or mountaintop removal coal mining, we need your help to push Duke Energy’s dirty coal plant “off the Cliffside”. Please request a new set of public hearings in your area about the dangers of mercury and air pollution from the proposed Cliffside coal-fired power plant near Charlotte, NC.

Contact Secretary Bill Ross of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources and ask for public hearings in your area. You can request a hearing in three ways:

  1. Send an email: (click here for a sample)
  2. Write a letter: (click here for a sample)
  3. Make a call: (919) 733-4984, then call us to with the results, (828) 262-1500

We have a right to know how many tons of hazardous air pollutants Duke Energy will pump into our air and water!

Here is more information on the hearing process, and here’s more about the proposed expansions of the Cliffside plant.

photo courtesy of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy





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