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Appalachian Voices, in conjunction with is pleased to announce the America’s Most Endangered Mountains video series.. We are trying a new grassroots technique called the Bloggers’ Challenge to spread the word about what mountaintop removal is doing to our beloved mountains in Appalachia.

The cutting edge Bloggers Challenge program will be run through the most powerful communications tools in the new media – blogs – and it’s success will depend on your participation, by writing about mountaintop removal on your blog.

You have dozens of widgets and HUNDREDS of videos about mountaintop removal coal mining at your fingertips. Its easy, just:

Step 1) JOIN the Bloggers’ Challenge
Step 2) WRITE a post about mountaintop removal coal-mining using the tools in our blogger’s sandbox. You will even get personalized “Spread the Word” widgets for your blog.
Step 3) SPREAD THE WORD using our innovative “Bloggers Round-up” feature, and see who else is writing about mountaintop removal in your neck of the net.

Have fun, be creative, and enjoy!




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