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TAKE ACTION: Fast Food Packaging Campaign

Who: Dogwood Alliance and You
What: Fast Food Packaging Campaign: Southern Exposure Media Tour
Where: A City near you—to find a list of planned events, click here.

When: Thursday, March 27th—Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Why: Dogwood Alliance is kicking off the Fast Food Packaging Campaign

Southern forests are too important to be wasted for fast food packaging

* Over half of the forests that are cut down in the US are for Packaging
* Dozens of Fast Food Corporations are buying Packaging from Southern Forests
* 15% of landfill waste is Fast Food Packaging
* The average American throws out 300 lbs. of Packaging Waste every year

Join Dogwood Alliance in challenging corporations to change their habits. Our forests are too important to be wasted for disposable packaging. With nearly 100 paper packaging mills in the South, the packaging decisions of these corporations have a tremendous impact on our forests.





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