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Marching Orders from the King

Ol’ King Coal himself, the President of the Kentucky Coal Association Bill Caylor has some words of encouragement for us in response to an excellent anti-MTR op-ed in the Tampa Tribune called Put an End to Mountaintop Mining:

Bill Caylor everybody!

So, as all the activists who so eloquently and passionately speak of the ills of coal and mountaintop mining get up in the morning, drink their hot coffee, eat some toast, blow dry their hair while watching the morning news, attend their meetings in a room with lights and warm heat and write to their representatives on laptops and computers while calling others on their charged cell phones, please remember who provides the electricity.

It is provided by coal.

And he’s right, though coal is decreasing in importance as we realize the devastating impacts of mountaintop removal and global warming on our planet and our future. But as long as buffoons like Bill Caylor run things, we will be getting our electricity from MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL COAL. So, write your representative and ask them to co-sponsor the Clean Water Protection Act (HR 2169)!

…Also, you might want to quit drying your hair





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