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Both major Democratic candidates for NC Governor have come out against Cliffside plant

Duke Energy plans to build the 800-megawatt coal-fired plant in the Blue Ridge foothills, but needs a permit from the state Division of Air Quality. Both candidates said that the Division of Air Quality should wait to issue a permit for the new coal-fired plant.

In a statement, Moore said, “North Carolina should focus on new, efficient energy choices and conservation rather than building more high polluting, coal fired power plants…This type of plant should be a last resort, not a first option.” He argued that carbon dioxide emissions from the plant could contribute to global warming and damage air quality in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Perdue said, “North Carolina’s priority must be on creating long-range goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with a focus on increasing energy efficiency and conservation.” As governor, Perdue said she would work for a “green economy”.

Here are Cliffside’s MTR connections:

Moore says Cliffside plant can wait
Perdue says Cliffside plant can wait





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