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Is John Edwards Coming Around on Mountaintop Removal?

Senator John Edwards, Democratic Presidential hopeful, notoriously voted to increase mountintop removal mining in 1999. While the vote he cast was for an amendment that never made it into law, Senator Edwards has never explicitly stated that he regrets voting for increased mountaintop removal and the dumping of mountaintop removal waste. While he is strong on a host of other issues, he had not officially come out against mountaintop removal this cycle, to my knowledge (please correct me in the comments if you know differently.)

That is, unitl recently, when his position regarding mountaintop removal seems to be…evolving.

One FOTPC reported that after the event she asked Edwards if he would stop mountain top removal to which he answered yes. The FOTPC shared this website( and video with TPC about getting coal from mountains in Appalachia.

This is very encouraging. In February of this year he was a little wishy-washy:

n particular, one community member questioned Edwards on his Senate vote approving mountain-top removal coal-mining. The question was prompted by a pamphlet distributed by Sustainable Dartmouth’s new political taskforce. The pamphlet contained quotes from Edwards on his opinions on several environmental issues and included a five-year rating of the former senator on his voting record by the League of Conservation Voters, as well as summaries of his environmental votes. Edwards said he thought his vote was the result of political realities at the time and reiterated his pro-environment stance.

I’d really like to have an official word from the campaign. If you have a moment please call Mr. Edwards’ campaign and ask if he officially opposes mountaintop removal, and has plans to stop the practice if elected president.

Edwards for President – (919) 636-3131





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