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Upcoming Events at Turtle Island Preserve with Eustace Conway

Tipi Workshop, Saturday
September 22, 2007

Learn by Doing!
We will follow expert guide Eustace Conway in setting up several tipis from the ground up. This workshop is a one-day event all about learning how to set up and take down an Indian tipi in a smooth, safe, easy manner, and to really understand the process while building great personal confidence in this empowerment.

Eustace lived in a tipi for seventeen years and has taught countless thousands of people how to “dance up a tipi” – so very easy when properly done! He produced a wonderful video show called “The Tipi” on how this articulate process can be a fun, flowing dance of ease. The video is for sale on the Turtle Island website at or by calling the Turtle Island office at
(828) 265-2267.

Location: Centered in the beautiful wilderness valley, an
awe-inspiring base camp at Turtle Island Preserve .

Time: Our workshop starts at 10:00am and stops at 3:30pm.

Cost: $95.00 per person
A wonderful lunch is $10.00 extra if you
would like to add that to your day’s experience.

Register: Available on our website or by calling (828) 265-2267
Leave a message with the workshop name and date,
your name & phone number, and the number of people attending.
Mail your payment to: Turtle Island Preserve
1443 Lonnie Carlton Road
Triplett, NC 28618

Horse and Mule Driving Workshop with Eustace Conway

December 1, 2007
Join us for an introduction to working horses from a moving vehicle and from the ground. Together we will experience logging, sled work, using a farm wagon, a two-wheel cart, a four-wheel buggy, and a mowing machine; and go over many fundamentals of training a horse from the ground for general farm use and horse power other than riding. This workshop will be held at the renowned horse drawn farm Turtle Island Preserve. Our large collection of antique horse drawn vehicles is an inspiration in and of itself.
This is a hands-on workshop. We will get you as involved as you want to be. We will drive single horses and pairs; we will cover harnesses- different types and applications, choosing a harness, adjusting them for your horse, and where to get harnesses and other equipment. This workshop is as comprehensive as you can get in a one day activity; from pleasure driving to heavy farm work, light horse and mule to heavy draft. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to receive such a broad introduction.
One of the most valuable aspects of this workshop is the unique ability extended by the lead teacher, master horseman Eustace Conway. He not only has a gift with horses but has the ability to interpret that knowledge into a digestible form for the human student. He will sensitively match each participant’s needs on an individual coaching basis to make sure that you “get it” and can grow tremendously during this one day event. Eustace has taught horse lore for over 10 years at Turtle Island and holds two long distance horse-powered world records.
This workshop is available to anyone 16 years or older. The date is Saturday December 1 arrival time 9AM; departure time 4:30PM. Located at Turtle Island Preserve, near Boone, NC. Cost is $95 (make checks payable to Eustace Conway). Bring your own lunch or for $10 a fine home cooked meal is available; everything else is provided. To register and reserve your space mail a deposit ($50), or the full tuition, in check form to the following address:

1443 Lonnie Carlton Road
Deep Gap, NC 28618
(828) 265-2267





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