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Loving Mountains at Bonnaroo

The New York Times hailed last month’s Bonnaroo music festival as “more than just jam bands,” touting its major headliners, the Police and Tool. But here at App. Voices, we know that Bonnaroo was more than just a hippie jam-fest for another reason–Planetroo. We joined a multitude of non-profits and advocacy campaigns, all trying to beat the heat while preaching social or environmental consciousness. Our word-spreading tactics were superior to the rest, however–we had temporary tattoos! By Sunday, people sought us out merely because they had seen so many tattoos on other people. Needless to say, the tattoos were a success and we’re glad to report that nearly 1,800 bonnarooians want to help us end mountain top removal!

Many thanks to all those who signed up and don’t forget to check flickr for pictures from bonnaroo!

You can check out the NY Times article about bonnaroo here.





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