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Report: Conservation efforts offset land lost to sprawl

54% increase in acres protected since 2000
Growing efforts to save privately owned farms, ranches and forests from industrial and residential development now preserve about as much open space each year as is lost to sprawl, according to a report out today. The National Land Trust Census, conducted every five years by an umbrella organization for land conservation groups, says private land under protective trusts and easements now total 37 million acres, a 54% increase from the last count in 2000. Conservation of private land from 2000 to 2005 averaged 2.6 million acres a year — about half the size of New Jersey , according to the Land Trust Alliance, which represents 1,200 of the USA ‘s 1,667 local, state and national land trusts. This means additional land protected each year exceeds the 2.2 million acres that the Agriculture Department has estimated is converted annually to “developed land.”

News notes are courtesy of Southern Forests Network News Notes





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