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Festival of Faith

On November 11, the Festival of Faith Environmental Symposium took place in Louisville, KY. This was a big event with at least 150 people representing Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Protestant, native American and many more religions. Presenters included:

Carl Pope (Executive Director of the Sierra Club)
Wendell Berry
Bob Edwards (former NPR Morning Edition host)
Reverend James Wind
Rabbi Arthur Waskow
Dr. Nandini
Iyer, Dr. Ewert Cousins
Reverend Gilbert Friend-Jones
Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp
Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
Buddhist Master Reverend Heng Sure

Dave Cooper of the Mountaintop Removal Roadshow attended and said members of a panel discussion “went on and on about their disgust with MTR.”
While in Louisville, the Courier-Journal interviewed Carl Pope of the Sierra Club. You can find the audio interview here.

Hat tip to Dave Cooper and his MTR Road Show





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