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We have 24 Hours to Defuse The Bomb

“The whole world will be different soon…” – PJ

Tomorrow, 11-07-06, America will again decide how to govern herself.

By the ballot, not the bullet (as the saying goes…), we will –WE MUST – choose a new direction for this country.

We have the opportunity to elect leaders that will clean our air, protect our land, enhance our water quality, attend to our changing climate, and most of all – we have the opportunity to elect leaders who will work to save our mountains and our homes.

Its time the people of Appalachia, people who love the environment, and people who love mountains stop ignoring the vital importance of electoral politics in achieving success on our issues. Who governs us makes all the difference.

The make-up of the US Congress is essential to saving our mountains. Without a friendly Congress, we can move nothing.

Tomorrow…we must move everything.

PLEASE, go vote. Tell your friends and church members to go vote. Shout it from the moutaintops while we still have them.

For our planet’s sake, for America’s sake, for our children’s sake, change can wait no longer. It must happen now.





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