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Mine Workers OUTRAGED at Recess Appointment

Unions have come out swinging against the recess appointment of coal executive Richard Stickler to head the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Stickler, a former employee of Massey, was TWICE rejected by the US Senate. The President circumvented this requirement and made a “recess appointment” that put Stickler in charge of all American mining safety even though he was strongly opposed by miners, both West Virginia Senators, and the United States Senate.

Why was he so strongly opposed?

“The mines (Stickler) ran when he was in the industry were some of the most dangerous and most frequently cited for safety violations in the entire industry,” [West Virginia Democratic Senator] Rockefeller said.

“His mines had a rate of preventable accidents that was much as three times the national average. In fact, despite broad bipartisan support for new, more aggressive mine safety laws, Richard Stickler said in his Senate nomination hearing that no new laws were necessary.”

The United Mine Workers of America is picketing at the MSHA office in Washington for their own safety! Workers from West Virginia and Pennsylvania are pouring in and are ENORMOUSLY upset at Sticklers appointment, and for good reason.

AFL-CIO president John Sweeney said in a press release:

But just like on so many other matters, the President refused to listen and proceeded on a dangerous and unwise course of action.

Hopefully, the November elections will send a clear message to the President and his allies in Congress that the American people oppose their anti-worker policies, and the outcome changes the balance of power in Congress so worker’s concerns and interests will be a priority.





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