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Linkies for 9-29-06

From “Environmental Finance” – Wind sails ahead at the Global Renewable Energy Awards.

As more large corporations initiate “greening” programs, Boeing is considering a move towards biofuels. Also…

The US Air Force flew a B-52 bomber recently with two of its eight engines using a 50/50 blend of jet fuel and a synthetic alternative.

Leading biologists say global warming puts us on the verge of a SERIOUS mass extinction:

So what if we told you that according to many of the world’s leading scientists, such changes have already begun — not over an instant, but due to global warming, the next 100 years, and that we stand on the brink of a mass extinction.

ABC7’s Wayne Freedman: “It’s the equivalent of?”

Dr. Terry Root, Stanford biologist: “The extinction that was felt when the dinosaurs went extinct.”

Governor Manchin (D-WV) talks about “coal liquefication“:

“To mitigate these unprecedented risks and to provide for future economic prosperity and national security, we must reduce our growing dependence on foreign oil suppliers by producing our own liquid fuels from domestic sources,” he said.

He cited the progress in liquefaction technology, and the hopes for West Virginia’s sharing a major stakes in its development.

Will a continued reliance on coal mean more or less of this…






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