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Step by Step, Day by Day…

Ed has been telling us from day one, that when he makes it to Sheperdstown he will know in his mind that he will have made it.
imageWell we are here, and it definitely feels as though we have accomplished something great, just by making it here. Frank Salzano and the Sheperdstown crew have shown us an incredible welcome. From the moment we arrived we have been welcomed with meals, places to stay, and much needed rest and relaxation. Ed has been hitting the street with incredible results for his efforts. Professors have offered their classrooms for Ed to speak in, and donations are rolling in. It seems as though the entire town is behind us, and it feels great. We are way ahead of schedule and we intend to hang out in Sheperdstown until our September 4th town hosted party for Ed. Which of course I will be sharing stories about when we get to the event.
Later Days,
Austin Hall





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