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Good Morning

This afternoon I will see Kayford Mountain for the first time. I am terrified. Larry Gibson is a miracle, and an Appalachian hero. Ill tell his story better upon my return, but you can get a taste of his life from the National Geographic article about MTR.

Heres the other good, bad, and wierd news comin from the hills…

Massey CEO Don Blankenshipwrites the Herald-Dispatch to defend his ability to manhandle the political machinery of West Virginia. This is what he comes up with…

A newspaper should be in favor of free speech even if the paper is for teenagers having abortions without their parents’ knowledge; “fat cat” drunken drivers being allowed to keep their driver’s licenses; child abusers and rapists getting reduced sentences;

…hmmm. Good comparison?

Some good discussion over at DKos about Biofuels v Clean Coal Fuel. Also, a touching personal story about The Working Poor in Appalachian Ohio, and a follow-up to the Sago Disaster report, released yesterday.

Former NC Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards recently did a podcast interview with former president Jimmy Carter. They touch a little bit on the realities of “the working poor,” as well as modern environmentalism.

United Mountain Defense has put up a pretty incredible MTR flyover video

And the honorable Boone, NC Town Council unanimously accepted the recommendations of the steep-slope building task force. Hopefully, at the next meeting, they’ll actually adopt the recommendations. This is great news for folks in the Boone area! Hopefully, it means no more developments like the one above Wal-Mart.

John May became the second Kentucky miner killed this week –the 13th KY fatality this year. He was struck by a road grater, just three days after another accident killed a drill operator at a surface mine.

Confusion rules the day after an 83 year old security guard was found dead in an Oldsmobile. Did we mention that the car was buried in a sludge pond? Wierd.

Just finished Jeff Bigger’s new book United States of Appalachia. Its unbelievable! Review coming soon!

Off to Kayford.





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