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What Races are You Watching?

What races across Appalachia have caught your eye? Control of both chambers is up for grabs this fall, with Democrats thinking they can take back either the House, the Senate, or both.

Here’s a couple I’ve been watching…
NC-11: Charles Taylor (R)(inc.) Vs. Heath Shuler (D)
NC-08: Robin Hayes (R)(inc.) Vs. Larry Kissell (D)
WV-01: Alan Mollohan (D)(inc.) Vs. Chris Wakim (R)
VA-02: Thelma Drake (R)(inc.) Vs. Kellam (D)
KY-04: Geoff Davis (R)(inc.) Vs. Ken Lucas (D)

VA – Jim Webb (D) Vs. George Allen (R)(inc.)
TN – Corker/Van Hilleary/Bryant (R) Vs. Harold Ford (D)

Locally, the race to replace John Garwood in the NC state senate should be interesting. Watauga County Commissioner David Blust(R) will be facing fomer pastor Steve Goss(D)




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