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WV Net-metering

If you live in WV and think that we need further incentives for renewable energy, stand with OHVEC today and submit a comment to the Public Service Commission about net-metering in West Virginia!

They have sample letters, talking points, everything.

Heres the skinny on net-metering (its awesome.)
1) Small scale electricity production (solar, wind, bio-mass, it doesnt matter)
2) You produce more than you use, and have a surplus
3) The surplus goes back ONTO the grid
4) Power company sends YOU a check for once (rather than the other way around)

Net-metering gives people incentives to practice small-scale, sustainable, and local production. It is how we will create a sustainable ad safe domestic energy supply. It also puts money in your pocket every month.
West Virginia is one of just 11 remaining states that does not allow net-metering. 22 states have net-metering for all consumers.

So, today is the last day to SUBMIT COMMENTS. So I’d recommend doing it before lunch (and after.) 🙂





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