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Eastern Europe Still Facing Challenges in Forest Management

Appropriate Strategies Are Needed

[Washington, DC] While the rest of Europe is steadily progressing towards sustainable forest management, Eastern European countries are facing many challenges, following the restitution of forests from the State to their previous owners, Many new forest owners are seeking new skills and resources to manage their forest in a sustainable way. However, their holdings are so small that many owners cannot afford professional advice. There is no established tradition of forest management, nor institutional advice and support. As a result, forest owners are often tempted to sell all the timber to the first buyer, and then abandon active and responsible management. “It is important for policymakers in these countries to identify ways and means to assist private small holdings with professional advice, to enable them to take advantage of expanding markets while maintaining forest quality,” said Wulf Killmann, FAO Director Forest Products and Economics Division.

News notes are courtesy of Southern Forests Network News Notes




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