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Windmills and the Ridge Law

The Watauga County Planning Board has recommended an exemption of the popular “ridge law” dating back to 1983, which keeps things like this from being built…

The “ridge law” came about after these condominiums were built on Sugar Mountain. Imagine that someone took a cinder block the size of condominiums, and smashed it down on the very top of a mountain. Thats what its like.

…but this time, local experts, energy buffs, and a vast majority of Western North Carolinians want to see an exemption in the ridge law for things that look like this…

Boone was formerly home to the largest windmill in the WORLD (which I’ve heard is still in operation out in Hawaii.)

Also, according to the wind experts at Appalachian State…

The U.S. wind industry currently directly employs more than 2,000 people, and every megawatt of new wind capacity creates 15-19 jobs and about 60 person-years of employment.

I join my highland companions in welcoming the use of our mountains and valleys for wind power.





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