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Faith and the Environment

As astute news-watchers know, a number of Christian evangelicals have recently emerged as leaders in the struggle to get the polluter-friendly politicians running the country to take global warming seriously. Now, a group of polluter-friendly Christian evangelicals have set up a front-group (supposedly an “interfaith” group although the leaders such as James Dobson are all from the Christian right) to counteract this awakening of fellow Christians to the degradation of Creation at the hands of greedy corporations.

The group, the “Interfaith Stewardship Alliance” cynically professes to support care of creation while working to divert attention away from the real problems facing our relationship with the environment, describing the issues of global warming, species loss and overpopulation as “unfounded” and “speculative” – at odds with the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence.

Check out their website here – they have a “contact us” page if you want to let them know how you feel about their polluting and destructive way of “caring for Creation.”




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