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Tennessee Passes Bill Giving State Power to Shut Down Surface Mines

This just in – the Tennessee legislature has passed a bill that gives the state authority to shut down surface mines if they are in violation of the law, rather than having to go through a lot of red tape. Tennessee has been at the forefront in dealing with the devastating impacts of mountaintop removal.

By The Associated Press
April 20, 2006

A bill to give the state the power to shut down polluting surface coal mines is headed for the governor’s signature.

The House voted 93-0 to approve the measure on Thursday. The Senate passed the bill on Monday.

The bill introduced by Gov. Phil Bredesen was carried by Rep. John Tidwell, D-New Johnsonville.

“What this bill does is correct the problem immediately and provides an alternative to the court system, which is cumbersome and expensive,” Tidwell said.




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