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Western NC Republicans want Outer Banks Drilling

From the WSJounal:

A bill supported by four of the seven Republicans in North Carolina’s congressional delegation could open the Outer Banks to natural-gas exploration.

Hmm…which co-sponsors do we have today?

Charles Taylor, R-11th

Patrick McHenry R-10th

and Sue Myrick, R-9th

Hey wait! You can’t get away so easy…
Virginia Foxx, NC-5

None of them anywhere near the Outer Banks? So, I don’t guess oil spills off the Outer Banks will bother them.
Foxx, Myrick, Taylor, and McHenry are making it so obvious how beholden to oil companies they are, that they are making themselves into a laughingstock. Unfortunately, these clowns are in power, and they represent Appalachia!

Senators Dole and Burr both oppose drilling in the outer banks, as does Governor Easley, as do a majority of North Carolinians in every district!
North Carolina Republican congressman Walter Jones R-3 strongly opposes the bill. I wonder why?…
Lets take a look at his district…


Virginia Foxx (who called the Arctic Wildlife Refuge a “barren wasteland”) absolutely takes the cake once again…
Mrs. Foxx, what does it sound like when Congresswomen are completely controlled by oil companies?

“I think that it is not right for us to ignore natural resources that we have that could reduce energy prices,”

Or, instead of stamping an oil rig on every last beautiful spot in the world, we could increase mileage standards for automobiles. We could encourage public transportation and walking. We could invest in biodiesel and alternative fuels. We could ride our bikes. We must face the reality of our dwindling resources. The politicians who hold power have shown they will not do it for us.

The Outer Banks are a national treasure, and should remain so





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