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Intro: The Legacies of Coal

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As Appalachia’s coal industry continues to decline, the scale of the damage it has cas becomes even more apparent.


Central Appalachia’s newest coal boss facing bankruptcies

Virginia businessman Tom Clarke’s foray into the coal industry initially looked promising for addressing environmental and community problems. Now, however, his business model is looking questionable.


Bankruptcies Roil Coal Industry and Worry Regulators

Major coal companies are filing for bankruptcy, causing concerns that they may not clean up contaminated lands or meet their obligations to workers.


Groups Sue Kentucky Mining Company

Contacts: Eric Chance, Appalachian Voices, 828-262-1500, Ted Withrow, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, 606-782-0998, Pat Banks, Kentucky Riverkeeper, 859-200-7442, Pete Harrison, Waterkeeper Alliance, 828-582-0422, Adam Beitman, Sierra Club, 202-675-2385, Pikeville, Ky. – A coalition of citizens