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Kentucky Water Monitoring Lawsuit

An end to Frasure Creek’s water violations in Kentucky — finally

Late Monday evening, Appalachian Voices and our partners finalized a historic settlement in our case against Frasure Creek Mining. The settlement follows a five-year-long legal battle to protect eastern Kentucky’s waterways and bring a coal company notorious for violating environmental laws to justice.


A moment of truth for Kentucky’s coal regulators

A striking case of corruption related to mine inspections in Kentucky led to the recent criminal conviction of former Democratic state representative Keith Hall. But questions remain about how deep the conspiracy goes. Will Governor Steve Beshear and the state agencies that enforce mining laws in Kentucky adequately investigate?


Going to court for clean water

fc-mtrAfter we revealed thousands of water pollution violations at Frasure Creek Mining’s mountaintop removal coal mines in eastern Kentucky, state regulators (finally) took administrative action. Appalachian Voices and our partners are seeking to intervene in that process to ensure environmental protections are enforced, and we have filed our own lawsuit in federal court.


Déjà vu in Kentucky clean water cases

15813913282_fd4c121114_zFriday, Appalachian Voices and our partners filed a motion to intervene in a case between the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet and Frasure Creek Mining to ensure clean water laws are being enforced in Kentucky. To anyone following our lawsuits in Kentucky, these recent developments will sound familiar.


To protect or prosecute polluters?

FrasureCreek_waterKentucky regulators recently filed an administrative complaint against Frasure Creek Mining for hundreds of violations of the Clean Water Act. As we wait to see if the state is going to take its responsibility to protect the people and water of Kentucky from pollution seriously, Appalachian Voices will continue to do whatever we can to ensure that Frasure Creek and other polluters are held accountable.


Nothing to see here

KY_Cabinet_cartoonThe Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet’s dismissive attitude toward the severity of mining pollution in the state is unsurprising after citizen cases against one coal company exposed the agency’s utter failure to enforce the Clean Water Act. But the jig is up. The Cabinet should stop trying to cover up its incompetence and actually do its job.


Kentucky court sides with citizens and environment

Last week, Appalachian Voices and our partners won a major victory in the Kentucky courts when a judge overturned two slap-on-the-wrist settlements that the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet had reached with Frasure Creek Mining a few years ago.


Same coal company, same old (illegal) tricks

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That certainly seems to be the case with Frasure Creek Mining. Four years ago we took legal action against them for submitting false water monitoring reports, and now they are at it again, but this time the false reporting is even more extensive.


Citizens File Against KY Coal Company for Falsifying Water Pollution Reports

Resources View the Notice of Intent to Sue Here View example duplicated reports and images of some of the mines involved here For more information view our blog post here State regulators ignore clean water protections and enforcement CONTACTS Erin


Endangered Species are New Focus in Legal Case against Kentucky’s Water Quality Protections and EPA

Contact Appalachian Voices: Eric Chance, 828-262-1500, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth: Suzanne Tallichet, 606-776-7970, Center for Biological Diversity: Tierra Curry, 971-717-6402, Sierra Club: Adam Beitman, (202) 675-2385, Defenders of Wildlife: Melanie Gade, (202) 772-0288, Kentucky Waterways


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