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West Virginia Contends with Aftermath of 2014 Chemical Spill

Three years after the chemical MCHM spilled from a storage tank into the Elk River, leaving 300,000 West Virginia American Water Company customers without safe drinking water, a tentative settlement was reached between the private water utility and the state Public Service Commission and Consumer Advocate.


W.V. Chemical Spill Settlement Reached

A settlement in a class-action lawsuit compensates residents affected by the Jan. 9, 2014, chemical spill at Freedom Industries in Charleston, W.Va., which dumped 7,500 gallons of the coal-washing chemical MCHM into the Elk River.


Disputes Over West Virginia’s Water

West Virginia American Water faces public pressure surrounding surcharge proposal and safety concerns related to previous chemical spill.


Two-year Anniversary of Charleston Water Crisis

Two years after 10,000 gallons of a toxic chemical, MCHM, spilled into the Elk River near Charleston, W.Va., the company providing water to 40 percent of West Virginians “continues to be unprepared for a major spill today,” a new report says.


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