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Radioactive Sludge Being Removed from Sewage Facility

The Department of Energy is still removing radioactive sludge from the sewage treatment facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn., two years after the contamination was first discovered.


The Solar Decathlon

Students Build Tomorrow’s Homes Today By Jeff Deal Those weren’t spaceships on Washington D.C.’s National Mall in September — they were entries for this year’s U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. Every two years, the competition challenges teams of college


Energizing the Clean Economy

How Efficiency Creates Jobs and Saves Money Political speeches, the nightly news and newspaper headlines are filled with reminders of the battered economy and the millions unemployed or underpaid. But as energy efficiency and renewable technologies advance, more domestic jobs


Across Appalachia

Rays of Solar Progress Peeking Out in Appalachia By Jeff Deal While Appalachia has not yet realized the progress made in solar electricity generation in the United States’ West Coast or Northeast regions, solar energy development within our region is


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