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Microplastics Flood Tennessee River Watershed

A team of scientists and volunteers surveyed the Tennessee River and found massive amounts of broken-down plastics, which aren’t regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Legal Action Sought Against Chemical Company

An environmental group, Tennessee Riverkeeper, is seeking legal action against the chemical manufacturing company 3M for improper disposal of toxic chemicals in and around Decatur, Ala.


Nationwide Cleanup Program Comes to Tennessee River

In its first Tennessee River Tour this spring, Living Lands & Water will travel the length of the river in a colossal vessel made of four garbage barges and a floating classroom.


The Lake Sturgeon: Ancient Fish, Modern Recovery

The lake sturgeon is the largest and longest-living freshwater fish native to the southeastern United States. In evolutionary terms, this primitive fish has changed little since it swam among dinosaurs, but its continued survival was in doubt until recently.


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