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The Beast of Bristol: The Landfill Haunting Residents of the Twin Cities

two people in front of a large guitar statue hold signs about the landfill problems

Terrible, persistent smells from the Bristol landfill have put a damper on quality of life for residents of the Twin Cities. Officials acknowledge the problem, but there’s no clear path forward.


Biden Administration Proposes Restoration of Mercury Pollution Rules

smoke and steam rise from a power plant

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed reinstating a legal finding that supports restrictions on the amount of mercury that may be discharged by power plants.


Virginia Doctor Wins Award for Work With Mobile Care Clinic

Dr. Joseph Smiddy was recognized as an Unsung Hero for his work with The Health Wagon, a nonprofit mobile clinic in Southwest Virginia.


Exposed: Linking Human Health and the Environment

As an assortment of pollutants leach into our lives, the harmful effects continue to surface in public health. Read about the connections between human health and environmental concerns associated with energy, pesticides and climate change. This article is featured in an Appalachian Voices webinar


Appalachia’s Health Checkup

For decades, residents of Appalachia have struggled with poor health and disproportionate rates of chronic disease. In the face of these challenges, efforts to bring medical care to those in need and foster healthier communities are growing.


Stories from South Central Regional Jail, WV

Poisoned Water Comic The January spill of the coal-processing chemical MCHM in West Virginia poisoned the tap water of some 300,000 people. Stories are now emerging that some of them were inmates at the regional jail who were denied access to ample, clean water.


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