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Oil and Gas Drilling in Appalachia’s National Forests

Oil and gas reserves can be found beneath the Allegheny, Monongahela, Wayne, Daniel Boone, George Washington and Jefferson national forests. But while some forests have a high number of drilling wells, others have none or relatively few.


Oil Train Disasters Increase Safety Concerns

A train carrying crude oil derailed and ignited during a snowstorm in West Virginia on Feb. 17, sending a fireball into the sky. The inferno burned down one home and forced residents from three nearby towns to evacuate. At least one of the 25 overturned tankers spilled into a tributary of the nearby Kanawha River.


Oil and Gas Boom Straining America’s Energy Infrastructure

By Brian Sewell The United States is experiencing a natural gas boom largely due to advances in drilling and extraction technologies. And in recent years, some have celebrated the fuel as a bridge to a clean energy and carbon-free future.


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