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Chrissy Zeltner

Chrissy paddles through whitewater

A formidable kayaker, Chrissy Zeltner serves as board chair for West Virginia Rivers Coalition, where she helps to protect drinking water and preserve the state’s stunning whitewater rivers.


Laura Dillon

Two kayakers on the water smile for the camera

Through Team River Runner, Laura Dillon shares the experience of kayaking with veterans. “When you’re paddling whitewater, it’s you and your boat, the water you’re on, and the people on the right and left of you,” she says. “The rest of the world ceases to exist.”


Bethany Overfield

Kayaker in boat on water posing for picture

Kayaking provided Bethany Overfield with a new joy and passion during a time of transition. Now, she is helping to protect whitewater rivers and enhance the boating community through her involvement with American Whitewater and Kentucky River Watershed Watch.


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