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Coal Mining Under Trump


While Central Appalachian coal jobs saw a slight bump in President Donald Trump’s first year in office, not much has changed on the national level.


Regional Utilities Don’t Plan to Return to Coal

Despite promises made by President Donald Trump to revive the coal industry, CEOs from the region’s largest utilities have stated that they don’t intend to return to burning coal to make electricity.


AV, Citizens Groups Oppose TVA’s Rush to Judgement

>>>Proud to join Sierra and TCWN on this important effort. It’s a simple choice. TVA should be putting money into energy efficiency programs rather than trying to extend the life of an expensive, inefficient, dirty coal plant like Gallatin. –


Strange Happenings in Norfolk

Norfolk could be on the verge of becoming the fourth Hampton Roads locality to officially oppose the largest coal fired power plant ever proposed in Virginia. It appears, however, that a few strange events occurred in the last couple weeks


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