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Potential Federal Action Would Address Common and Harmful “Forever Chemicals”

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Congress and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could soon take steps to protect communities from an incredibly common but little-known family of man-made chemicals that have been accumulating in waterways and in people’s blood for decades.


PFAS Contamination Still a Concern in United States

Elevated amounts of the toxic class of chemicals commonly used in non-stick cookware has been found in aquatic environments and in humans.


Managing GenX Contamination

In May, the North Carolina House and Senate passed separate bills to grant the state Department of Environmental Quality more funding to address GenX contamination.


EPA May Take Over Cleanup of Asheville Superfund Site

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is weighing whether to takeover the cleanup of the CTS Superfund site near Asheville, N.C., or allow the company to manage the cleanup itself.


Ohio Woman Wins $1.6 Million in Pollution Damages

An Ohio woman won a legal case against DuPont, claiming that exposure to chemicals that the company dumped into the Ohio River had given her cancer.


DEP Orders Coal Prep Plants to Disclose Chemicals

An April order by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection requires the state’s approximately 90 coal preparation plants to disclose the chemicals used to process coal. The DEP order follows a series of coal-related spills in early 2014 and


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