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Meredith Alling – Operations and Outreach Assistant, Spring 2020

Meredith is a junior at Appalachian State University pursuing a degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Sustainable Development. An environmentalist from a young age, Meredith believes wholeheartedly in the value of healthy ecosystems and the necessity of environmental justice. She is thrilled to put her dedication to use and looks forward to learning from the staff, volunteers, and community that make Appalachian Voices what it is. In her spare time, you can find Meredith crafting, jamming to They Might Be Giants, hiking, or reading graphic novels.

Finn Halloran – Editorial Assistant, Spring 2020

Finn is a 22-year-old journalism student with a minor in photography at Appalachian State University. He lived in Richmond, Va., before moving to the Appalachian Mountains to study. When not found hiking or camping with friends, Finn is often reading a good book or attempting to write one of his own. He hopes to work in the newspaper industry, helping to spread the word about our changing environment and what can be done to preserve it. Finn is passionate and driven to maintain the wild nature of the outdoors, and acts on this by attending climate rallies, recycling and walking places whenever he can.

Carolina Norman – Editorial Assistant, Spring 2020

Carolina is a senior Sustainable Development student at Appalachian State University. She grew up in the tiny town of Todd, N.C., and spent her childhood camping, hiking, biking, and reluctantly gardening. In high school, Carolina spent part of her summers helping lead groups of teenagers on week-long backpacking expeditions on the Appalachian Trail through the Wilderness Trail organization. Carolina is passionate about environmental justice, conservation, and supporting local communities. In her free time, Carolina enjoys reading, hiking, drawing, and going to concerts. Carolina is excited to be a part of the Appalachian Voices team and to better connect with her community

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