Spring 2024

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A woman with gray hair paddles a canoe

Paddling for Her Life

On July 7, Ann Rose, a 57-year-old off-grid farmer and activist based in Lansing, North Carolina, is embarking on a nearly 2,000-mile solo paddle trip to raise awareness of the water woes affecting the region, which are linked to climate change.

Real Stories of the Rural Energy for America Program

Dive into these stories of Appalachian entrepreneurs and farmers leveraging the Rural Energy for America Program to build a greener future for their communities.


Other Top Stories From Spring 2024

A depression in a rock ridge is filled with water. Clouds fill the valley below and sunrise colors the sky.

Seven Geological Wonders of Appalachia

The Appalachian Mountains are abundant with magnificent natural wonders. Here’s a sampling of stunning geological features within the region.

A woman in a pink top and pearls smiles past the camera.

A Conversation with Archbishop Marcia Dinkins

Archbishop Marcia Dinkins, founder of the Black Appalachian Coalition, talks about creating the space for voices that have often been unheard to be heard.

A group of people are seated around tables as if speaking in a meeting.

Mountain Valley Pipeline Safety Issues Continue

The recent failure of a section of pipe during testing has heightened residents’ long-standing concerns about deteriorated pipe and rushed construction putting their safety at risk.

A man points to a machine while speaking.

‘Every Stick:’ SWVA Biochar Uses Local Waste to Create Quality Soil

A Southwest Virginia company’s biochar product is carbon-negative and has applications in agriculture.

woman with brown hair in a white sweatshirt stands outdoors

The Peoples’ Protector

From fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline to building a community garden, protecting people is at the heart of Crystal Mello’s work.

Residents Across Five States Benefit From Local Air Quality Monitoring

Through the Upper South and Appalachia Citizen Air Monitoring Project, community members and organizations are collecting data about local air quality.

A group of people march carrying banners.

Changes for MVP Southgate Pipeline are Part of a Web of Proposed Methane Gas

“Families and farmers are being asked to sacrifice land, health and peace of mind for projects that are less reliable and affordable than renewables,” said Ridge Graham of Appalachian Voices.

A sign advertises a No Pipelines meeting.

Concerns Over Proposed Cumberland Methane Plant and Pipeline

The Tennessee Valley Authority and Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company push ahead with plans for the Cumberland Pipeline amid concerns for the environment, property and public safety.

A Kanawha County school bus fills the photo.

WV Companies Deploying Federal Manufacturing and Clean Energy Incentives

Four West Virginia school districts welcomed West Virginia-made electric school buses, and an old machine shop is being transformed into a center for advanced manufacturing.

A white-bearded man in a blue t-shirt stands by a sink with water running from the faucet.

How McDowell County, West Virginia, is Addressing its Decades-old Water Problems

Federal funding and an innovative nonprofit program are key resources McDowell County, West Virginia is using to correct its decades-old problem with access to clean drinking water.

Spring 2024 - Columns

A man sits beside a wooden shelter in the woods.

Views and Brews

There’s nothing better than some time on the trail followed by a smooth cup of java or something with a little kick. Enjoy this carefully crafted list of the perfect pairings.

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A woman holds a spotted skunk.

Why Appalachia’s Spotted Skunk is so Rare

The eastern spotted skunk was not always as rare as it is today. Find out what researcher Emily Thorne has learned about this master of malodor.

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A hand is seen holding an infrared camera screen.

Lowering Costs for Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades

Tax credits and rebates can help homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades.

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Mary Lou Dauray

Steadfast Support for Appalachian Voices  By Adam Wagner …

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