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A summer of learning and organizing against pipelines

Virginia Grassroots Organizing Assistant Max Rooke (left) at an event with Virginia Field Organizer Lara Mack.

This is the last day of my internship with Appalachian Voices. But even though my formal time here is over, I plan to continue fighting for clean water.


Disputes Over West Virginia’s Water

West Virginia American Water faces public pressure surrounding surcharge proposal and safety concerns related to previous chemical spill.


Making sense of crisis: The West Virginia floods

Photos courtesy of Nate May.

In this guest post, West Virginia resident and former coordinator of The Alliance for Appalachia Katey Lauer shares her perspective on the aftermath of the storms and the humanity she witnessed as communities come together and begin to rebuild.


Citizen stories counter coal industry deception

Citizens and clean water advocates used a series of hearings on the proposed Stream Protection Rule to demand improvements to the draft version and call out state agencies for repeatedly failing to enforce regulations already on the books. Coal industry representatives, on the other hand, relied on “war on coal” rhetoric and deception to rally against the rule.


Formidable Costs

Coal Company Conducts Business as Usual Near Kanawha State Forest By Tarence Ray Seven miles south of Charleston, W.Va., sits a 9,300-acre expanse of trails, streams and wildlife known as the Kanawha State Forest. The forest’s diverse wildflower and bird


A Deluge of Dam Removals


A torrent of dam removals have occurred across the country in the past decade, and Appalachia is no exception. We take a look at why some dams stand tall, and others are ready to fall.


Cooling off in the Devil’s Bathtub

A resident of Big Island, Va., wades into the swimming hole on the Devil’s Fork Trail, which hikers encounter before reaching the Devil’s Bathtub. Photo by Joe Tennis

Hikers flock to the cool swimming spots along the Devil’s Bathtub Trail in southwest Virginia, though the trail can be challenging.


Train Fire Sparks Evacuations, Water Concerns

A train carrying a carcinogenic chemical derailed near Maryville, Tenn., leading to the evacuation of 5,000 citizens and fish deaths that might be linked to the spill.


Tennessee Rivers at Risk

By Cody Burchett According to a report released this May by the nonprofit Tennessee Clean Water Network, surface water enforcement actions issued by Tennessee state regulators have dropped 75 percent since 2008. Of the 53 enforcement orders issued last year


Keep the Clean Water Act going strong

clean water front page

Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ended a decade of confusion with the release of a long-awaited Clean Water Rule, which clarifies the scope of waters that are protected under the Clean Water Act. As the EPA pursues updates to the “effluent limitation guidelines,” we hope the Obama administration ready to continue the trend of strengthening and modernizing the Clean Water Act.