A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Hidden Treasures: Public Forests

Here, we outline a multitude of gorgeous spots off the beaten path in our national forests.

West Virginia


The Cranberry Glades area of Monongahela National Forest encompasses four rare mountain bogs and includes longer and shorter hiking options. The volunteer-made Spotted Salamander Trail in Kanawha State Forest is especially accommodating for visitors with physical and visual challenges.


Tennessee Gulf Trail

Martha Sundquist State Forest offers a rare state forest hiking trail in Tennessee. Hikers can also visit restored section of the historic Unicoi Turnpike in Cherokee National Forest.


Mount Pleasant.

The Jefferson National Forest’s Guest River Gorge Trail and George Washington National Forest’s Mt. Pleasant are both well worth visiting.

South Carolina

Yellow Branch Falls

Waterfalls abound in the Andrew Pickens Ranger District of Sumter National Forest.


Wildcat Hollow Trail

The Monroe Outlook, Monroe Overlook Trail and Wildcat Hollow Trail offer varying degrees of challenge in Wayne National Forest.

North Carolina

Harper Creek Falls

Harper Creek Falls Pisgah National Forest (828) 759-0005 In the Harper Creek Wilderness Study Area of Pisgah National Forest near Collettsville, N.C., the 50-foot Harper Creek Falls cascades over slanted rocks. One way to see the falls is through a


Savage River

Poplar Lick Trail Savage River State Forest (301) 895-5759 At over 54,000 acres, Grantsville’s Savage River State Forest is the largest state forest in Maryland and an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise with designated areas for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and off-road


Red River Gorge

The Auxier Ridge Trail and nearby trails in Daniel Boone National Forest’s Red River Gorge offer stunning hiking, while the Little Shepherd Trail provides a beautiful drive along Pine Mountain and Kentenia State Forest.


raven cliff falls

Raven Cliff Falls in Chattahoochee National Forest.