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Statement from Rural Power Coalition regarding pending FY 2024 agricultural and rural development appropriations bill.

H.R.4368 makes significant cuts to critical investments in rural energy that could delay improvements to rural energy infrastructure by decades, leaving rural communities vulnerable to energy insecurity, continued fossil fuel pollution and volatile electricity costs.


Enforcement of mine cleanup rules is needed to protect communities, create jobs

During a recent House Natural Resources hearing on the issue of sluggish, inadequate, or totally non-existent reclamation on currently permitted coal mines, community advocates called for federal regulators to firmly enforce existing regulations and act in the public interest.


Environmental Votetracker — August/September 2019 issue

Chart showing how Appalachian legislators voted in June and July 2019

See how Appalachian legislators at the federal level voted in June and July 2019.


Neighbors of Mountaintop Removal Testify Before Congress

Community member testifies before congress

In April, people living near coal strip mines testified before a U.S. House subcommittee about how mountaintop removal coal mining has affected their lives and communities.


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