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Students Use Sustainable Methods to Build New Homes, Teach Others

Virginia Tech students are helping high-schoolers learn about sustainable building materials, all while constructing a home for a family in need.


The Business of Building Green

What’s good for the earth is good for the bottom line By Molly Moore When dentist Kendalyn Lutz-Craver decided it was time to move out of her leased, musty office and build her own structure, she had three building goals


Making Your Home More Sustainable

Stories by Meg Holden, Molly Moore, David Pferdekamper and Jillian Randel In sustainable building and remodeling, terms like “conservation” and “efficiency” are thrown around a lot. But how does the difference between efficiency and conservation affect the sustainability of your


These Green Houses:
Green Building 101

By Jeff Deal Green building might just be the world’s oldest construction style. Caves, lean-tos, waddle and daub, mud brick, stone pyramids and temples, wooden post and beam, Devonshire Cob; all are green building styles, some dating back more than


Eco-friendly Living in Outdoor Spaces

By David Pferdekamper and Brian Sewell Considering the changing colors and the crisp air, autumn is as good a time as any to spend outdoors. If you don’t have an “outdoor living space” yet, it may be time to create


Across Appalachia

Rays of Solar Progress Peeking Out in Appalachia By Jeff Deal While Appalachia has not yet realized the progress made in solar electricity generation in the United States’ West Coast or Northeast regions, solar energy development within our region is


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