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What we do now — a note from Executive Director Tom Cormons

I believe deeply in Appalachian Voices’ longstanding mission to bring people together for the well-being of Appalachian communities, our shared natural heritage and our children’s futures. In stark contrast, the presidential election has underscored and exaggerated our differences, overshadowing the many fundamental values we share. But being discouraged is not an option. Instead, we must join together like never before.


Tenn. Tuesday: Haslam Pumps up Coal! Whitewater Industrial Complex! Cashing in on Efficiency!

Welcome to Tennessee Tuesday, where Governor Haslam Refuses to Meet with Mountain Advocates, TVA Stays the Same More than it Changes, and our New Energy Secretary is Totally into the World’s Premier Spallation Neutron Source! Governor Bill Haslam is generally


The Emerging Efficiency Lobby: Diverse Interests Find Common Ground

By Molly Moore Conversations about blowing up mountains for easier access to coal or risking offshore oil spills to boost a corporation’s bottom line spark passions in a way that those about financing energy efficiency retrofits don’t. But wherever national


Reclaiming Appalachia: Can Legislation and Enforcement Restore Mountains?

Hueysville, Ky

By Molly Moore Kathy Selvage has lived in Stephens, Va., her entire life. From her front porch, she can almost see the field where her childhood home once sat. Instead of the hardwood forest that surrounded her home, graded hills


A PREVENTABLE TRAGEDY- No. 9: The 1968 Farmington Mine Disaster

By Jeff Deal Ninety-nine Americans were working in the No. 9 coal mine just north of Farmington, W.Va., on the morning of Nov. 20, 1968 — but only 21 would return safely to loved ones and the light of day.


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