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TVA Considers Replacing Coal with Another Fossil Fuel

Kingston Fossil Plant

The Tennessee Valley Authority is deciding whether to replace its coal-fired power plants with gas or with renewable resources. Advocates are calling on the Senate to confirm four new TVA board nominees.


Kingston Coal Plant Awaits New Wastewater Permit

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is considering a draft wastewater permit for the Kingston Fossil Plant that wouldn’t enforce federal guidelines on pollutants until 2023.


Five Years After the TVA Coal Ash Disaster, What Do We Have to Show For It?


It’s been five years since more than a billion gallons of coal ash flooded rivers and neighborhoods surrounding the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston Fossil Plant. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency promised to take action, but to this day Americans are asking the EPA: “Where are you?”

We went back to December 2008 to track political and social progress around the globe, and put it side-by-side with the lack of progress the EPA has made toward protecting clean water and our health from toxic coal ash. Check out the timeline below and click it for a larger version.


Coal Ash Cleanup Effort Comes in Phases

Story by Sarah Vig “A clean-up can either be done right or it can be a ticking time bomb,” California Senator Barbara Boxer cautioned TVA CEO Tom Kilgore during the Environment and Public Works committee’s oversight hearing on the recent


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