Matt Allenbaugh

Virginia Campaign Coordinator

Matt grew up in rural western Pennsylvania as coal mining was nearing its demise in the area, and seeing firsthand from a young age what that industry does to communities and the environment.

He earned a Master of Science and a Master of Business Administration at Appalachian State University, both related to renewable energy and sustainable business.

After grad school, Matt had the opportunity to work with both renewable energy and energy efficiency companies before spending nearly seven years running an environmental education center in Roanoke, Virginia. During this time he was successful in grant writing and created several multi-year programs aimed at connecting historically underrepresented youth with the outdoors. Matt joined App Voices in 2023 as the Virginia Campaign Coordinator.

When not at work, Matt can be found with his partner and daughter in the forests of Virginia, mountain biking, camping, in a canoe, trail running or fly fishing.