Our Voice Volunteers


Pictured: Just a few faces from the nearly 100 distribution volunteers that help us distribute The Appalachian Voice six times a year.

Appalachian Voices’ distribution system of The Appalachian Voice publication is a unique one, possibly even one of a kind: it is almost entirely volunteer driven.

Our network of nearly 100 distributors all over the region volunteer their time, miles and energy to distribute The Appalachian Voice. Without them, the production of our newspaper would not be complete. A majority of volunteer distributors receive their newspapers in the mail and then bring them to key locations in their community. Others pick them up directly at our office in Boone. Some even receive them from another volunteer who has picked them up from one of the drop-off locations along one of the paid delivery routes.

Even more volunteers in our home office help us mail papers to regional volunteers. Each issue we host a volunteer night where, alongside local volunteers, we package up the papers to send out to the distributors.

Our system is an intricate web of dedicated volunteers, who make the reach and breadth of our publication and Appalachian Voices’ mission to protect the land, air, water and people of Appalachia possible.

The following is the name of each valued distributor:
Alison Auciello, Karen Austin-Clayton, Debbie Bahr, Heather Baker, Becky Barlow, Aaron Barr, Shawn Becker, Bob Belton, Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, Blue Smoke Coffee, Charlie Bowles, Lynn Brammer, Ben Bristoll, Steve Brooks, Teri Crawford Brown, Derek Burke, Patricia Cales, Sarah Smith Caskey, Charlie Chakales, Kim and Shay Clanton, Patty Clemens, Darlene Cunningham, Sister Beth Davies, Deborah Deatherage, Bill Elliott, Jakob Elliott, Nels Erickson, Lara Foster, Frank Frey, Charles Garratt, Dave Gilliam, Scott Goebel, Amelia Golcheski, Lisa Goodpaster, Bruce Gould, Gary Greer, Jed Grubbs, Bill Harris,Susan Hazlewood, Sharon Helt, Tim Huntley, Pamela Johnston, Mary K., Denny Keeney, Allison Keith, Rose Koontz, Frances Lamberts, Susan Lewis, Loy Lilley, Aaron Linas, Joy Lourie, Diane Lucas, Gail Marney, Mast General Store, Pamela Maynard, Kathy McClory, Kim McClure, Rich McDonough, Mike McKinney, Steve Moeller, Nick Mullins, Catherine Murray, Don O’Dell, Rob Osborne, Eva Perkins, Patti Phelps, Rick Phelps, Bronwyn Reece, Carol Rollman, Kristin Rouse, Jenny Rytel, Debbie Samuels, Steve Scarborough, Gerry and Joe Scardo, Frank Schaller, Kathy Selvage, Brenda Sigmon, Lucy Spencer, Jennifer Stertzer, Jim Stockwell, Robert Thompson, Derrick Von Kundra, Bill Wasserman, Dean Whitworth, Amy Wickham, Barbara Williamson, Diana Withen, Gabrielle Zeiger, Ray Zimmerman

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer distributor and helping us share The Appalachian Voice in your community, please contact outreach [at] or (828) 262-1500.

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