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A publication of Appalachian Voices

Who Has Priority Over Water?

By Matt Wasson, Ph.D. CHARLESTON, W.Va. — What do January’s Kanawha Valley chemical spill, the Exxon Valdez spill and the Deepwater Horizon incident have in common? All were man-made environmental disasters, disrupting the lives of thousands of people, and all

Wary and Waiting

By Karen Smith Zornes I didn’t have a problem with the spill at first; I thought, “Accidents happen.” But when it came time for us to flush, I had an asthma attack from the smell. I went outside for fresh

One Seriously Angry Granny

By Linda Sodaro Sometime last year, my good friend Kim and I had a conversation about the joys of a hot shower. The perfect temperature, with lovely handmade soap and standing there as long as we liked. She said, “I

An Expanded Idea of Leadership

By Jen Osha Buysse The stories that get me the most are the stories of mothers with children who are sick and asking why the state is not considering it an emergency. Why is the government providing less emergency water

A Son’s Outrage

By Dustin White I tried to take a Jan. 28 sample of the water from my dad’s West Virginia American Water tap — the gallon jug above — into the state capitol to show our politicians the water we are

West Virginia Pride

By Hannah Spencer Through this disaster I have been reassured that I am proud to be a West Virginian. The folks who make me proud to be a West Virginian are those who haven’t had work since the water crisis,

Fending For Yourself

By William Holsting We don’t have the licorice smell now, but when they started flushing it smelled bad for awhile. I still don’t trust the water. You wash your hair and you feel itchy and scratchy about your ears, and

Life is Surreal Since the Chemical Spill

By Linda Frame “That’s a First World Problem, Mom,” my teenage son told me one day. I can’t remember now what trivial thing I was complaining about. Because that was before the chemical spill. On Thursday evening, Jan. 9, I

Forty Minutes from Fresh Water

By S. Rhodes My community is partially in Putnam and partially in Cabell County. I have many elderly neighbors, and yes, there are also children and handicapped individuals that need access to clean water. Water distribution in this area was

Citizen Stories On January 9, 2014, a chemical called MCHM leaked into the water supply of 300,000 West Virginia residents, causing a crisis unlike anything that America has dealt with before. These are stories of the affected as well as

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