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7th Annual AMPC Photography Competition Focuses On Appalachia

Photographers of the world, it’s time to focus your lenses on Appalachia. Amateur and professional photographers alike are encouraged to enter The 7th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition (AMPC), which focuses on images that portray various aspects of Appalachian life.

Serena: Historical Fiction with a Taste for Blood (and Timber)

By Sarah Vig Set in the mountains of North Carolina during the early years of the Great Depression, the landscape of Ron Rash’s “Serena” (Harper Collins, $24.95) is at once familiar and foreign. Serena is the new bride of timber

As Natural Gas Heats Up, Issues With Extraction Expand

By Maureen Halsema Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, but as it grows in popularity, concerns are expanding about extraction methods and the gas’ inherent volatility. The Appalachian Basin region is home to one of most

Judge Recused in Mingo Water Trial

By Julie Johnson This summer, 735 Mingo Co, W.Va. resident’s quest for civil restitution and medical monitoring was the focus of a series of judicial controversies. Since 2004, these individuals have been involved in litigation with Massey Energy over their

Tennessee Student Environmental Alliance Connects Children with Nature

By Julie Johnson Students in eight Chattanooga-area schools are helping to clean up the greater Tennessee River watershed. Focusing their efforts on the “Ridge to River” system, the students learn about their water and the effects of pollution on its quality,

EPA Grants Temporary Stay of Execution for Over 79 Mountains

Story by Sandra Diaz In line with an interagency “memorandum of understanding,” the Environmental Protection Agency announced their recommendations on 79 valley fill permit applications associated with mountaintop removal coal mining. In a move that pleased environmentalists and coalfield residents

Astroturfing vs. Grassroots­—The Debate over Coal Continues

By Sandra Diaz Fake FACES, false FORCE, and astroturf lobbying. During the past two months, the coal industry was rocked by scandals that stemmed from backfired public relations campaigns. It started when ACCCE, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity,

Public Hearings Discuss Duke Energy Rate Increase

By Julie Johnson Duke Energy customers and concerned citizens are challenging the North Carolina electric utilities provider over a proposed 18 percent rate increase. The utility provider is proposing a 13.5 percent increase for residential consumers to support the projected

Other Coal Related News

Environmental Groups Request Decision Review Earthjustice and the Appalachian Center for the Economy & the Environment filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court requesting a review of the recent Fourth Circuit court decision in a controversial mountaintop removal mining

The Global Gym

By Maureen Halsema Playing outside is great for your physical and fiscal health, and it does not require a membership fee or have piles of sweaty towels and long lines for the ellipticals. This worldwide “gym” offers thousands of miles

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