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Recognizing “nature deficit disorder”

Q How did you first become interested in the way children are being closed off from nature? A. I started researching Last Child in the Woods in the late 1980s, when I was working on The Future of Childhood. I

Wayne Bailey Fought to Preserve Eastern Wild Turkeys

Conservationists, turkeys and turkey hunters alike have lost a great friend. Wayne Bailey, one of a handful of people who brought the wild turkey back from the brink of disaster, died Feb. 27 in his Danville, Va. home after a

Fighting Nature Deficit at Tremont

WALKER VALLEY, TN — It’s not strength in numbers that inspires Ken Voorhis. Instead, it’s strength in intensity – possibly even a life-changing experience – that excites Voorhis in his job as executive director of the Great Smoky Mountains Institute

Squirreling away secrets at the US Fish & Wildlife Service

images/uploads/squirral_circle.gif “Ginny,” the West Virginia northern flying squirrel (glaucomys sabrinus fuscus) is a charming, big-eyed, nocturnal creature that lives only in the high Allegheny Mountains — in seven counties in West Virginia, and one county in Virginia. At night, Ginny

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