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Enviromental Education from the Heart

Since the first Earth Day, environmental education has become a standard part of the science curriculum in schools nationwide. “Students will learn,” say the standards committees, about the web of life, about interrelationships among ecosystems, about biological communities, and about

Celebrating Earth Day

Thirty seven years ago, American rivers were still catching fire and city dwellers had to choke through a pall of smoke just getting to work. Fed up with unregulated pollution, millions of Americans joined together on Earth Day and demanded

Kids Connect with Nature at Apple Tree Ridge Farm

images/uploads/green_circle.gif COPPER HILL, VA — Nestled into the side of a mountain near Roanoke, Apple Ridge Farm gives city children the opportunity to learn through camps and nature. “It is important for children to connect with nature,” said Laura Wasko,

Mr. Randolph Goes To Washington

images/uploads/jw_circle.gif Whether we like it or not, decisions are made in our nation’s capitol every day that have a direct impact on life here in the mountains. This year, Appalachian Voices hired a staff member in Washington, DC, to serve

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